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Swim2u has developed the ultimate system to produce happy and successful private swimming lessons for toddlers in Singapore.

The process of learning basic safety and water skills is reliant on education, not just entertainment. In our curriculum, we bring toddlers and parents to the water and let them cultivate love and respect for it. The swimming lessons will be conducted in a fun environment through activities.

Why Choose Swim Toddlers?

Skills are attained with time and careful progression in the water. Our programme caters to your child’s development by coaching them with the best private swimming lessons for toddlers in Singapore.

In these swimming programmes, your toddler will be able to enjoy the water with a friend from class or their instructor. They will improve substantially in their social skills and knowledge of water safety. They will progress quicker than their peers who do not swim.

When these swimming lessons for two-year-olds begin, your toddler will learn how to submerge in the water on their own for a few seconds before knowing to swim towards a wall or an adult for support. When you bring your toddler to swim classes, their risk of drowning reduces significantly.

These swimming classes for toddlers are complete physical exercises that assist in the development of their hearts, lungs, and muscles. Swimming at a young age ensures that they are ahead of a toddler's typical growth of independence. They are also more outgoing with their peers and will enjoy the water.

At Swim2u, we constantly update and improve our programmes to ensure that a strong foundation is provided for every child. We will support their overall development in a fun and enjoyable aquatic environment.

We can provide your child with skills that will improve their safety in and around water with our private swimming lessons for your two-year-olds.

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Benefits of Swimming for Toddlers

Builds Cognitive Skills

The younger your child starts swimming, the better your toddler will be at picking up visual-motor and academic skills, such as Mathematics. They will be able to absorb information faster through swimming.

Boosts Appetite

If your toddler struggles with their appetite, fret not, as swimming significantly improves their appetite after each session. Like any other physical exercise, swimming ensures that your toddler uses enough energy to leave them hungry right after. With them participating in swimming regularly, your toddler will have a steady and improved appetite.

Sleep Patterns

Just like having an appetite, being in the pool gives toddlers a lot of energy, leaving them sleepier after each swim lesson. This will significantly improve their sleep patterns as they will likely want to nap after the sessions, and there will be no struggle to put them to bed.

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