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Swim2u has developed the ultimate system to produce happy and successful private swimming lessons for toddlers in Singapore.

The process of learning basic safety and water skills is reliant on education, not just entertainment. In our curriculum, we bring toddlers and parents to the water and let them cultivate love and respect for it. The swimming lessons will be conducted in a fun environment through activities.

Why Choose Swim Toddlers?

Skills are attained with time and careful progression in the water. Our programme caters to your child’s development by coaching them with the best private swimming lessons for toddlers in Singapore.

In these swimming programmes, your toddler will be able to enjoy the water with a friend from class or their instructor. They will improve substantially in their social skills and knowledge of water safety. They will progress quicker than their peers who do not swim.

When these swimming lessons for two-year-olds begin, your toddler will learn how to submerge in the water on their own for a few seconds before knowing to swim towards a wall or an adult for support. When you bring your toddler to swim classes, their risk of drowning reduces significantly.

These swimming classes for toddlers are complete physical exercises that assist in the development of their hearts, lungs, and muscles. Swimming at a young age ensures that they are ahead of a toddler's typical growth of independence. They are also more outgoing with their peers and will enjoy the water.

At Swim2u, we constantly update and improve our programmes to ensure that a strong foundation is provided for every child. We will support their overall development in a fun and enjoyable aquatic environment.

We can provide your child with skills that will improve their safety in and around water with our private swimming lessons for your two-year-olds.

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Unique Qualities of Our Coaches

When it comes to teaching toddlers, our coaches have a set of unique qualities that set them apart. These qualities are:


Our coaches recognise that young toddlers have different learning abilities compared to older children and adults. As such, they approach teaching toddlers with patience, understanding, and empathy while creating a safe and nurturing learning environment. Moreover, in a private swimming lesson setting, the coaches are able to focus on your toddlers’ progress more closely.

Fun and Engaging

Our coaches use fun and engaging techniques to make your toddler’s swimming lessons an enjoyable experience. They may employ toys, games, and various activities to keep your toddler interested and motivated to learn.


Our coaches prioritise your toddler’s safety and ensure they learn in a safe and secure environment. They take precautions such as using appropriate equipment and maintaining constant supervision to ensure your toddler is safe in and around the water.


Our coaches understand toddlers have different personalities, learning styles, and abilities. Therefore, they tailor their teaching techniques to meet the needs of each child. They may adjust the pace of the lesson or use different teaching methods depending on your toddler’s comfort level and learning style.

Positive Reinforcement

Our coaches understand toddlers need encouragement and positive feedback to stay motivated and engaged during their swimming lessons. By providing praise and positive reinforcement, our coaches help build your toddler’s self-esteem and confidence in the water, which is crucial for their overall progress.


Unique Qualities of Our Swim Lessons for Toddlers

Our swimming lessons for toddlers are designed to create a positive, safe, and enjoyable learning environment that helps young toddlers develop a lifelong love of swimming. Some of our unique qualities include the following:

Water Familiarisation

In our lessons, you will find that water familiarisation is a key component. This aspect of the classes aims to help your toddler become comfortable and familiar with being in the water. This involves introducing your toddler to the sensation of being in the water, getting them used to the temperature and buoyancy of the water, and helping them to learn how to breathe and move in the water.

Play-Based Learning

Swim2u uses play-based learning techniques to make the lessons fun and engaging for toddlers. Through games, songs, and other activities, your toddler is encouraged to enjoy the learning process and develop a positive attitude towards swimming.

Basic Water Safety

During our swim lessons, your toddler will learn basic water safety skills that are crucial for their safety in and around water. These skills include floating, safe entry and exit into the pool, and other important safety techniques.

By mastering these skills, your toddler will not only become more confident and independent in the water but also enjoy swimming and other water-related activities with a greater sense of security.

Building Confidence

Our lessons focus on building your toddler’s confidence in the water and developing a positive attitude towards swimming. Our coaches will provide your toddler with praise and positive reinforcement, which will help build their self-esteem and confidence in the water. This is crucial for their overall progress and success in learning to swim.

Progressive Learning

As you enrol your toddler in our lessons, you can expect a progressive and tailored approach to their swimming education. Your toddler will gradually learn more advanced swimming techniques, ensuring that they are continuously challenged and motivated.

The lessons are designed to take into account the developmental abilities of toddlers, ensuring that your toddler is not overwhelmed or frustrated by the material being taught. These features make our lessons for toddlers a safe, fun, and effective way for young toddlers to learn how to swim.


Breakdown of Our Swim Syllabus for Toddlers

We offer a comprehensive syllabus to help toddlers develop essential swimming skills and confidence in the water. Our swimming classes for toddlers cover several key areas that are critical for your toddler’s overall swimming development:

Water Familiarisation

During the water familiarisation stage of our lessons, your toddler will be introduced to the basic concepts of being in the water, including the sensation of being in the water, the temperature and buoyancy, and basic movements and breathing techniques. Our coaches will also work with your toddler to help them feel comfortable and confident in the water, which is essential for developing their swimming skills.

By creating a safe and supportive environment, our lessons help your toddler overcome any fear or apprehension they may have about the water, allowing them to focus on enjoying the learning process and making progress in their swimming abilities.

Breath Control

Breath control is an essential skill for swimming. Through exercises such as blowing bubbles and holding their breath, your toddler will learn how to regulate their breathing and become more comfortable in the water. These techniques will help your toddler prepare for swimming and have other benefits, such as improving their lung capacity and respiratory health. 


Our lessons for toddlers include a variety of floating techniques, such as front and back floats, that aid in the development of balance and stability in the water. In addition to providing opportunities for toddlers to rest and catch their breath, these techniques allow your toddler to learn how to relax and rely on the buoyancy of the water while maintaining control of their body position.

As your toddler becomes proficient in these techniques, they will gain confidence in the water, which will set them up for success in more advanced swimming skills.


Your toddler will learn various kicking techniques during the lessons, such as flutter and dolphin kicks, which help them improve their body position in the water and propel them forward more efficiently.

By mastering these techniques, your toddler will be able to swim longer and with greater endurance. Moreover, focusing on kicking is fundamental for developing advanced swimming strokes and techniques.

Arm Strokes

To propel themselves through the water, your toddler must coordinate the movements of their arms and hands in a specific sequence. As such, mastering arm strokes as a new swimmer is essential. During the lessons, your toddler will learn arm stroke techniques such as freestyle and backstroke.


Submersions refer to the skills and techniques involved in diving and underwater swimming. They are essential for building confidence in the water and improving overall swimming ability. By learning submersion techniques, your toddler can become more comfortable and confident in the water, allowing them to progress to more advanced swimming skills.

Water Safety

Water safety skills are an essential component of any swimming program.  Our syllabus covers a variety of water safety practices, including safe entry and exit from the water, floating and treading water, and recognising and avoiding possible dangers.

Safe entry and exit techniques are essential for preventing accidents and injuries in and around the water by teaching your toddler how to enter and exit the water safely. Floating and treading water skills are also crucial for ensuring your toddler’s safety, as they allow them to stay afloat and conserve energy while waiting for help.

How Swim2u Provides a Stress-Free Lesson for Toddlers

Our swimming lessons for toddlers are designed to provide a comfortable and supportive learning environment for toddlers of all ages and skill levels. Here are ways we ensure a stress-free lesson for your toddler:

Gentle Introduction

We recognise that young toddlers can be hesitant when first learning to swim, which is why we use a gentle approach. This allows your toddler to gradually become familiar with the water, building their confidence and easing any anxiety they may have.

Play-Based Learning

Our lessons are designed to be fun and engaging for your toddler, using play-based learning techniques to make the lessons stress-free. This approach helps your toddler to learn swimming skills in a natural and enjoyable way while also developing a positive association with the water.

Patient and Supportive Instructors

Our coaches are carefully selected and trained to work with toddlers. They understand the importance of creating a safe and welcoming environment for toddlers to learn in and are patient and supportive of each toddler. This helps build trust and confidence, which is essential for learning to swim.

Small Class Sizes

We keep our class sizes small to ensure each toddler receives individualised attention and support. These private swimming lessons allows our coaches to tailor the lessons to the needs and abilities of your toddler, ensuring that they are challenged and engaged without feeling overwhelmed.

Gradual Progression

Our lessons are structured to gradually build on each other, allowing your toddler to progress at their own pace and reducing any stress or pressure. This approach ensures that your toddler is constantly challenged but not overwhelmed and allows them to develop their swimming skills in a safe and supportive environment.


Preparing for Your Child’s First Swim Toddler Lesson: What to Expect

Swim2u understands that the first swimming lesson can be a nerve-wracking experience for both toddlers and parents. To help you prepare for and know what to expect during your toddler’s first lesson, here is some additional information:

Ensure Your Toddler Is Well-Rested and Well-Fed
To help your toddler feel comfortable and focused during their lesson, ensure they have had plenty of rest and eaten a nutritious meal beforehand.
Pack a Bag with Essentials
Bring a towel, sunscreen, and a change of clothes for after the lesson. This will help your toddler feel comfortable and prepared for any weather conditions.

Encourage Your Toddler to Use the Bathroom
To avoid interruptions during the lesson, ensure your toddler uses the bathroom before the class.
Expect a Gentle Introduction to the Water
During the first lesson, your toddler will gradually be introduced to the water. This may involve games and activities to help them become familiar with the environment and build their confidence.
Be Prepared for Some Initial Anxiety
It is common for toddlers to feel anxious or scared during their first few swimming lessons. Do not panic, as our experienced coaches are patient and supportive and will work to create a safe and welcoming environment to help your toddler feel comfortable.
Enjoy the Experience
Swimming is a fun and exciting activity for toddlers, and our lessons are designed to be enjoyable and engaging. So, relax and enjoy the experience with your toddler, and celebrate their achievements and progress as they learn and grow as a swimmer.

Benefits of Swimming for Kids



Drowning is a leading cause of injury-related death among children ages 1 to 4. This alarmingly high rate can happen due to kids not knowing how to swim. Learning to swim is not just a fun activity, as safety becomes a fundamental reason why your kid should start swimming today.


Children require a good amount of stamina to participate in sports or activities requiring movement. They will be able to enjoy any form of activity they would like to partake in by participating in swimming and not worrying about their stamina. With kids being generally active, swimming promotes good heart strengthening, which leads to strong cardiovascular health.

Love of Exercise

Exercising may be a chore to many who choose to take it up later in life. As a kid, growing up with a regular form of exercise will ensure that their mind sees exercise as a form of fun instead of something to dread. Swimming is a good start for them to love exercising as they will come to love being in the water.


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