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Swim2u believes that swimming and a love for the water are gifts everyone deserves to enjoy, no matter what challenges they may face. This isn’t just an ideal we talk about. We live it every day by providing opportunities for people with disabilities to swim and compete in organized events. We believe that through swimming, we can help people unlock their potential and make a real difference in their lives.

We’ve created our Special Abilities swim program to help our children to the greatest extent possible.

Our experience teaching children with special abilities in the pool has made one thing clear. Every child with special abilities has strengths and unique attributes that can be emphasized in their swimming education. We focus on finding these within each swimmer, maximizing them in a positive and nurturing lesson format.
We split the goals of our children with special abilities program into two categories: swimming and life. Specific to swimming, our lessons promote developing comfort in the water, learning safety, and teaching swimming to whatever extent a child’s developmental ability allows.

However, our goals go far beyond the pool. Our swim programs build self confidence and self esteem in every swimmer. Your child will look forward to the pool and the unique weightless sensation every new swimmer experiences in our warm waters. They will also enjoy being physically active with us as water provides wonderful exercise.

Our children with special abilities swim program is led by instructors experienced in working with children at all levels of emotional and developmental ability. We encourage parents of special ability children to begin by scheduling private swimming lessons. Our expert instructors will get to know your child and understand their strengths and unique ability levels, allowing them to assess the best type of instruction for your child to achieve swimming success.

Every child should love the water and enjoy the pleasure of swimming. Through carefully working with you to learn your child’s abilities, Swim2u can build a customized lesson approach, ensuring your child will thrive in the pool, whether this means developing strong swimming skills or focusing on safety, self-esteem, and exercise.

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