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Our Story

Swim2u is one of the leading swimming lesson provider in Singapore, Swim2u Swim School is proud on being awarded the Singapore SME 500 Award 2022 by ATC (Association of Trade & Commerce) based on Company’s business resilience, performance and cleared assessments.

A Singaporean swim school with years of experience, Swim2u Swim School offers lessons for all ages and levels. With both private and group lessons, they offer a variety of classes to choose from, including toddlerskids, adults, family and ladies swim class. With a rich history and a dedicated team of instructors, Swim2u Swim School is the perfect place to start your swimming journey.

All our coaches are certified to teach swimming with relevant coaching license under NROC, STA, AUSTSWIM, ASCA, ASCTA, SSI, and other org. Safe Conduct of the sessions and ensuring coaches are trained to ensure safety of you and your children's safety is our priority.

Learning to swim at an early age will help stimulate a child’s self confidence and growth. However, there is another important reason for teaching a child instructional swimming, and that is safety! Our instructors will teach your children the basic survival skills necessary to react appropriately around water.

Our Focus

  • Swimming Technique
  • Survival Skills
  • Self Confidence

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality swim lessons in a safe, non-stressful environment while ensuring the best possible experience for students, parents, and staff. We are in business to save lives.

Our Vision

We teach all our students with care - regardless of their swimming experience, age, physical or intellectual ability, sexual orientation, cultural background or nationality by giving our heart in each and every lesson.

Our Core Values

Save lives
Safe and family-friendly culture
Caring and passionate coach
Honesty and integrity

Swimming is simply moving meditation

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