What happen to my lesson if rain or bad weather.

If the weather forecast predicts rain/bad weather on your side, you can inform our coach 1 hour earlier or before they travel to request for the class to be postponed. Coach will reschedule the swimming lesson or moved to the following week.

What are your cancellation or replacement policy

You are able to make shifts to your scheduled class by informing the coach one day in advance. The only requirement is to complete all sessions within a month. Sessions that pass this period will be considered forfeit. There will be no full/partial refund. The possibility of a replacement class due to postponement will be subjected to the instructor’s availability. Classes may proceed under the condition of drizzling rain. However, there will not be any additional replacement classes for the absentee swimmers in group classes.

How long is it going to take for my child to be able to swim?

Every child has a different pace of learning and therefore it is very difficult to determine how long they will take to learn. There may be some that start out slow, but later progress really quickly at later intervals. As a simple guide, we expect them to start picking up about 4-6 months after they become comfortable with the water.

Do you do trial lessons? Is the trial lesson free or paid?

The trial lesson is one lesson fee and will be scheduled at your convenience. During the 30 or 45-minute lesson, we will assess your child based on water confidence and swimming skills.

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