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The Singapore SME 500 Award is one of the Singapore's highly regarded business award, SMEs whom bears the iconic Singapore SME 500 Award trademark signifies strength, competitiveness, excellence and the ability to go beyond boundaries.

Recognising only the most enterprising and privately held companies that have significant accomplishments in both quantitative and qualitative aspects, the Singapore SME 500 Award is an award that businesses strives for continuous improvements to achieve on a annual basis, accelerating business's appetite for growth and success.

The award continues to recognises Swim School that have been developed and managed effectively, performed well in its fiscal years, instilled and maintained business excellence in its operations. Apart from business excellence, the Singapore SME 500 Award honours leading businesses that have proven its success within relating industries, boasting abilities and capabilities to expand and internationalise.

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Track Record

Entrepreneur 100 Award is one of Singapore's most prestigious and highest accolade an entrepreneur yearns to achieve. Recognising based on the Swim School achievements, contributions to the industry, community and nation and policies that have propelled the business's prosperity, the Entrepreneur 100 Award evaluates and affirms the strength and capability of one.

Under the Entrepreneur 100 Award, we call these entrepreneurs the Elites – those who have presented their capabilities to turn ambitions into reality.

It takes an individual who is well equipped with unique and remarkable leadership skills to transform a dream into reality, leading the business and forming a formidable management team that contributes to the growth of the business, increasing its profitable and delivering its committed values.

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Best Swim School

Top among the 11 Swim Schools featured in Singapore Business Owners (SBO) Singapore based on the affordable and reasonable fees, best suitable for toddlers and kids who want to learn to swim.

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Swimming Lessons for Babies

Babies benefit greatly from the weightless environment that the water offers. They love the mobility it provides, and parents love this special time to bond with their baby in the water.

Swimming Lessons for Toddlers

Your toddlers will be given the chance to discover the joys of swimming at their own pace and thrive in a fun and nurturing environment with or without their caregivers.

Swimming Lesson for Children

Children gain skills and confidence through our seamless and rewarding levelling programme. Breathing, kicking, and floating are some of the foundations of swimming that your child will learn.

Swimming Lesson for Adults

A fun and relaxing way for you to destress and learn swimming through our 12-week swimming lessons in Singapore. These effective swim classes will ensure that your swimming journey is started off right!

Swimming Lesson for Special Needs

Every child with special needs possesses unique abilities and strengths that can be enhanced and emphasised during their swimming lessons. With ample experience teaching children with special abilities in the pool, your child will gain a fulfilling experience through the classes we provide.

Swimming Lesson for Family

Our Coach would be able to handle the safety and learning of everyone, all whilst ensuring the family has a fun time.

Swimming Lesson for Ladies

Swimming classes taught by female instructors for ladies. Effective swimming lessons in Singapore for ladies who want to learn how to swim!


We cater to all corporate events, including team building and training of lifeguards and coaches.

Swim2u Swim School is proud on being awarded the
Singapore SME 500 and Entrepreneur 100 Award by ATC SG.

Swim2u have also been featured as the Top Swimming School
in Singapore Business Owner (SBO) among 11 Swim Schools.

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How to Swim?

Teaching your child to love and respect the water is crucial, and a value we are committed to bring forth. Through this memorable experience for your child, our well-trained team of certified instructors are here to cultivate a positive and empowering experience for your child. With small class sizes, warm water, and individual attention paid by our instructors, your child will be able to learn swimming in Singapore and reap the benefits substantially.

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Teaches Water Safety

Offers Physical Exercise

Helps with Cardiovascular Health

Enhances Lungs Capacity

Builds Muscle

Improves Sleep

Improves Concentration

Builds Confidence

Enhances Memory

Singapore Swimming Classes

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