Swimming Classes for Kids in Singapore

Swim2u has developed a strong system to result in successful private swimming classes for kids in Singapore.

Swim2u will love to welcome your kid to the water if they are new learners! By learning breath control and the ability to flat, your kid will grow comfortable in the pool. We will make sure to focus on nervous children and their progression in our curriculum while teaching kids to love being in the water!

When your kids are ready to float and submerge underwater, we will start focusing on leg pumps. Through learning systematic leg movements, we will begin drills with your kid.

Why Choose Swim Kids?

Swimming cultivates a positive and well-disciplined child. In our private swimming lessons for kids in Singapore, they will acquire the state of relaxation that the water provides and learn how to be at complete ease.

Most children appreciate the freedom in the water, and they are able to build confidence without fearing the risk of drowning. These swimming classes for kids are a place for them to not fear making mistakes, as every step is crucial to their learning journey. Their ability to have a physical learning experience ensures that they learn more. Our private swimming lessons for kids in Singapore have a personal touch as the lessons are conducted based on the child’s emotional and physical capacities.

Your kid will be well taken care of during each swimming class as our instructors are trained well to teach and care for your kids.

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Unique Qualities of Our Coaches

Our coaches have a wealth of unique qualities that make them stand out when it comes to teaching kids how to swim. Here are some of the key attributes that set our coaches apart:


When teaching young children to swim, our coaches have a great deal of patience and understanding. They understand that each child learns at their own pace and has a unique approach to learning.

Fun and Engaging

Our coaches use fun and engaging techniques to make learning to swim an enjoyable experience for your child. They know how to turn even the most hesitant swimmers into enthusiastic ones, using games and activities to keep the lessons fun and exciting.


Our coaches prioritise safety above all else and ensure your child learns in a safe and secure environment. They teach important water safety skills and techniques and are vigilant in supervising young swimmers.


Our coaches are highly experienced and adaptable in their teaching methods, catering to the unique needs of each child. They understand that your child has their own strengths and challenges when swimming. As such, they are able to modify their lessons accordingly.

Positive Reinforcement

Our coaches use positive reinforcement to encourage your child and build their confidence in the water. They know how to celebrate even the smallest achievements, instilling a sense of pride and accomplishment in your child and keeping them motivated and excited to continue learning.


Unique Qualities of Our Swim Lessons for Kids

We offer unique swimming lessons tailored to the needs of each group of individuals. Here are some of the key features of our private swimming lessons for kids in Singapore:

Water Familiarisation

Our swimming lessons for kids are designed to help them become familiar with water and feel comfortable in it. This is achieved through a range of activities and exercises that aim to gradually introduce your child to be in and around water.

The lessons are carefully structured to create a safe and supportive learning environment where your child can explore and enjoy the water while developing their confidence and comfort levels. Through these activities, your child can establish fundamental water skills such as breath control, buoyancy, and balance, which are essential for learning to swim.

Play-Based Learning

At Swim2u, we recognise that learning to swim can be intimidating for kids, which is why we use play-based learning techniques to make our swimming lessons a blast. Our skilled coaches will incorporate games and activities to help your child develop their swimming skills and ensure a great time in the water.

Basic Water Safety

Safety is a top priority during our swim lessons. Your child will be taught fundamental water safety skills, such as how to safely float, tread water, and enter and exit the pool.

These skills build your child’s confidence and comfort levels in the water and provide essential safety knowledge that can help prevent accidents and injuries.

Building Confidence

Our swimming lessons for kids are carefully designed to build your child’s confidence in the water and strengthen their swimming skills. The classes aim to provide a safe and supportive environment for your child to explore and enjoy the water while improving their skills.

Progressive Learning

Our swimming lessons for kids are progressive, which means they build on one another logically and systematically. This allows your child to improve their swimming abilities and confidence in the water gradually.

The lessons are divided into stages, with each focusing on a specific set of swimming techniques and skills. Your child will begin with basic water safety and familiarisation before progressing to more advanced strokes and techniques.

Our coaches ensure that your child is challenged at their level and receives appropriate feedback and guidance to assist them in learning or improving their swimming abilities. At the end of the program, your child will have built up a strong swimming foundation and will have the skills and confidence to enjoy the water safely.


Breakdown of Our Swim Syllabus for Kids

We provide a comprehensive syllabus to assist children in developing their swimming skills and gaining confidence in the water. Some of the key areas covered in our swimming lessons for kids include:

Water Familiarisation

A primary focus of our swimming lessons for kids is to assist your child in becoming acquainted with and comfortable in the water. This includes gradually introducing your child to water through a combination of carefully planned activities and exercises.

By increasing their comfort and confidence in the water, your child can master key swimming skills such as breath control, buoyancy, and balance. These skills are necessary for learning to swim and can also help to lower the risk of water-related accidents.

Breath Control

Breath control is essential in swimming as it allows your child to swim safely and effectively. Our coaches teach breath control using bubble blowing, humming, and rhythmic breathing. These techniques will help your child control their breathing and maintain buoyancy while underwater.

Our coaches will also teach your child to breathe through their mouth and nose while submerged in water. This helps your child clear water from their airways and avoid water inhalation while swimming. Your child will gain confidence in their ability to manage their breathing with practice, making them more comfortable and secure in the water.


Floating is a vital skill in swimming as it teaches your child how to maintain balance and stability in the water. Our kids’ syllabus covers a variety of floating techniques, such as front and back floats.

Our coach will first teach your child how to relax and float with assistance, and as they gain confidence, they will eventually progress to floating independently. These floating techniques will aid in developing your child’s balance, stability, and body awareness, as well as their confidence and comfort in the water.

Learning to float also helps your child prepare for other crucial swimming abilities like kicking and strokes, which require a stable body position in the water.


Our swimming lessons include teaching your child various kicking methods to help them move through the water more effectively and efficiently. Some kicking techniques include flutter kicks, which involve moving the legs up and down together like a dolphin’s tail, and dolphin kicks, which involve a fluid wave-like motion with the legs.

These techniques not only help your child in navigating the water, but they also improve their overall body coordination and balance. Additionally, by mastering these kicking techniques, your child can build leg strength, which is required for swimming longer distances.

Arm Strokes

During the lessons, your child will learn essential arm stroke techniques in order to develop excellent swimming skills. These techniques are aimed at helping your child move through the water more efficiently and effectively while also developing strength and endurance.

Our coach will demonstrate breathing techniques and proper arm and hand placement to help your child master the freestyle and backstroke. By learning these techniques, your child will be able to feel more comfortable and confident in the water, as well as improve their overall swimming abilities.


Our coach will expose your child to submersion techniques, such as diving and underwater swimming, in a step-by-step approach. As your child progresses and demonstrates readiness, our coach will gradually increase the depth and length of submersion. Close supervision and flotation aids are employed throughout these activities to ensure your child’s safety and alleviate discomfort or worry.

These exercises improve your child’s swimming abilities, self-confidence, and comfort in the water. Additionally, these techniques may be helpful in an emergency as they prepare your child to remain calm and in control when underwater.

Water Safety

In our swim lessons for kids, we place a heavy focus on water safety. Our syllabus covers many skills and techniques aimed at helping your child be safe in and around the water.

Our coach will teach your child how to safely enter and exit the water, such as entering the pool by the ladder or steps and exiting via the ladder. The curriculum also includes floating and treading water techniques, which are important survival skills that can help your child stay afloat in an emergency. 

By mastering these water safety skills, your child can develop a lifelong respect for the water and reduce the risk of accidents while enjoying swimming and other water-based activities.


How Swim2u Provides a Stress-Free Lesson for Kids

We recognise that learning to swim may be a scary experience for young kids. As such, we strive to create a supportive learning environment to make the experience enjoyable. Here are a few ways we ensure a stress-free lesson in our swimming classes for kids:

Gentle Introduction

We understand that introducing children to water can be intimidating, especially if they have never swum before. We employ a gentle and gradual approach to introduce your child to the water. This entails allowing your child to feel comfortable and familiar with the pool environment by doing activities like sitting on the pool’s edge, splashing water with their hands, or sitting on a float.

As your child gains confidence, our coach will gently guide them into the water, first with their feet and then progressing to their chest and, eventually, their head. This method helps increase your child’s confidence while reducing anxiety or fear of the water.

Play-Based Learning

We understand that children learn best when they are having fun. Thus, our swim lessons for kids are designed to be fun and engaging. The coach will use play-based learning strategies to make the classes less stressful, such as games and activities incorporating swimming techniques.

Making the lessons enjoyable increases the likelihood that your child will look forward to them and feel driven to participate actively. Including play-based learning can also help your child develop social skills and teamwork, both of which can be important in and out of the water.

Patient and Supportive Instructors

Our coaches have extensive experience working with kids of all ages and skill levels. They recognise that every child learns differently and at their own rate. Therefore, they approach teaching with patience and understanding.

Our coach will use positive reinforcement to encourage your child and build their confidence in the water. They also create a safe and welcoming environment for your child to ask questions, express concerns and celebrate their accomplishments. This helps to ensure that each lesson is stress-free and enjoyable for your child.

Small Class Sizes

We believe in maintaining small class sizes so that students receive individualised attention and support during their swimming lessons. By keeping class sizes small, our coach can dedicate more attention to each child, assisting them in overcoming challenges and progressing at their speed.

This personalised approach enables our coach to customise their teaching method to your child’s specific learning needs while developing a positive bond with them. Furthermore, small class sizes foster a sense of safety and comfort, reducing tension and anxiety in the learning environment.

Gradual Progression

Our swimming lessons are structured in a way that allows children to develop their skills gradually, reducing any stress or pressure they may feel. The classes are designed to be developmentally appropriate, with each session building on the skills learned in the previous lesson. This allows your child to gain confidence in their abilities while progressing at their own speed.

Our coach will work closely with your child, providing personalised attention and assistance so they feel safe and encouraged to attempt new things. The gradual progression of skills will help give your child a sense of accomplishment and confidence, making learning more enjoyable and stress-free.


Preparing for Your Child’s First Swim Kids Lesson: What to Expect

  • If your child is tired or hungry, they may become easily distracted or irritable, interfering with their learning experience. Ensuring your child is well-rested and well-fed before the lesson is essential for their comfort and focus during the lesson. A good night’s sleep and a healthy meal or snack will give them the energy they need to participate in the lesson effectively.
  • When dressing your child for swim practice, it is essential to consider their comfort and safety. A well-fitted swimsuit that allows for free movement is recommended.
  • Bringing a towel to dry off and sunscreen to protect your child’s skin from UV rays is important. Packing a change of clothes is also a good idea to ensure your child is comfortable after their swim lesson.
  • Encourage your child to use the restroom before the lesson to avoid interruptions. Needing to take a bathroom break in the middle of a class can disrupt the learning experience, so ensuring your child has gone to the bathroom ahead of time will help avoid this.
  • Our coach will focus on getting your child comfortable in the water during the first few lessons. They may employ a variety of games and activities to create a fun and engaging environment while also building your child’s confidence in the water.
  • Be prepared for your child to cry or feel anxious initially, as this is common during the first few lessons. Do not panic, as our patient and supportive coaches will be there to help your child feel comfortable and safe.

Benefits of Swimming for Kids



Drowning is a leading cause of injury-related death among children ages 1 to 4. This alarmingly high rate can happen due to kids not knowing how to swim. Learning to swim is not just a fun activity, as safety becomes a fundamental reason why your kid should start swimming today.


Children require a good amount of stamina to participate in sports or activities requiring movement. They will be able to enjoy any form of activity they would like to partake in by participating in swimming and not worrying about their stamina. With kids being generally active, swimming promotes good heart strengthening, which leads to strong cardiovascular health.

Love of Exercise

Exercising may be a chore to many who choose to take it up later in life. As a kid, growing up with a regular form of exercise will ensure that their mind sees exercise as a form of fun instead of something to dread. Swimming is a good start for them to love exercising as they will come to love being in the water.

Tell us more about your swimming background - The more we know about you, the better we can cater the program of your swimming lessons, and find an appropriate coach that match. We will give you a call or whatsapp message, then we will schedule the swimming lesson after receiving your inquiry. Whatsapp us for a much faster response.

Yes, you can certainly teach your child to swim. However, having a professional by their side can help them understand the basics of swimming more quickly and efficiently.

Private swimming lessons for kids in Singapore can be an ideal way to introduce the sport in a safe, controlled environment. The certified swimming instructor will have the experience and knowledge to teach your child the correct technique and form, as well as instil confidence in your child as they build their skills.

Private swimming lessons for children in Singapore can provide the best environment for teaching, as the instructor is able to focus all their attention on your child and provide individualised instruction. Moreover, it can offer the opportunity for your child to build confidence in the water, as the instructor will monitor their progress and work with them to address any issues that arise.

Generally, it is recommended that a child should begin swimming lessons from 4 years of age and above. This helps in building a strong foundation for the child and enabling them to learn the basics of swimming efficiently.

With proper guidance from the swimming instructors, children can gain confidence in the water, increase their physical strength and coordination as well as master essential safety skills. So, if you are looking to enrol your child in private swimming lessons for kids in Singapore, 4 years of age and above is always a good start!

Private swimming lessons for children in Singapore can often be a great way to help them learn in a safe and comfortable environment. However, it is difficult to determine the exact number of lessons it takes for a child to learn to swim, as every child has their own pace of learning and comfort level in the water. Factors such as the child’s age, physical ability, and prior exposure to water can also impact the learning process.

On average, it may take anywhere from 8 to 20 lessons for a child to learn basic swimming skills and feel comfortable in the water. However, the exact number of lessons required can vary, and it is important to continue practising and developing swimming skills over time.

The total cost of private swimming lessons for kids in Singapore may vary depending on the number of sessions. At Swim2u, the rates are $260 for 1-to-1 sessions, $160 for 1-to-2 sessions, and $130 for group sessions.

Signing your child up for private swimming lessons for kids in Singapore offers many advantages beyond just learning to swim and being safe in the water. It can also help them build cardiovascular health, enhance physical stamina, nurture social skills, and boost self-confidence. Participating in swimming lessons can also teach your child how to interact with their peers, develop self-discipline, and build their endurance levels.

What’s more, swimming classes are enjoyable and can provide a great sense of accomplishment for your child when they complete their lessons. All in all, swimming lessons can help children become more self-assured and competent individuals.

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