Baby isn’t walking yet… but you’ll be amazed by the mobility and increased cognitive advancement they experience while in the water. A weightless water environment allows babies to exercise more muscles than they do on land. Since movement and sensory stimulation is crucial to physical and cognitive development, our lessons provide an opportunity to stimulate your baby’s brain. Swimming each week for 30 minutes gives you that uninterrupted time with your babies that you crave. There is nothing more special than connecting with your child and seeing them light up with delight and laughter.

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Your toddler is two and ready to enjoy our friendly waters with a classmate and professional instructor while you watch from the comfort of our observation room. Your child will improve social and water safety skills while advancing on their swimming journey in a safe yet increasingly independent environment. Children who swim show interest in "new experiences" up to three years ahead of their non-swimming peers! As Dr. Seuss would say, "Oh, the adventures they'll have!"

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Swim2u has developed the ultimate system to produce happy and successful swimmers. We combine a fun and welcoming environment with the best swim instructors you can find. Your child will like their swim instructor as much as their favorite teacher.

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With the knowledge that many adults either can’t swim or aren’t confident in their swimming abilities, we created our unique Adult curriculum to address this growing need. This program takes our traditional British Swim School methods and applies them in a way that’s specifically designed to work with adult swimmers to help them feel comfortable and safe in the water.

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Special Needs

Swim2u believes swimming and a love for the water are gifts everyone deserves to enjoy, no matter what challenges they may face. This isn’t just an ideal we talk about. We’ve created our Special Abilities swim program to help our children to the greatest extent possible.

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You are going through the swimming lessons just like anyone else who joins a group class, but we understand you are different compared to male students. Our female instructors are simply better teachers to provide you more information that relate to such things as menstrual cycles, pregnancy, suitable strokes, and patterns that are easier for female students to duplicate.

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