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Our lessons may be the perfect opportunity for the ladies who have been dreaming of swimming but have not made it happen. A class strictly for female learners, these courses will also be taught by a lady swim teacher. Our classes are suitable for people of all ages, from children to adults.

Why Choose Swim Ladies?

Swim2u provides swimming classes for ladies only that help learners burn the extra calories and tone the body at an affordable price., This program helps ladies gain more confidence in the water and learn how to swim correctly with the proper techniques. These swimming lessons for ladies in Singapore are affordable and the class sizes are kept small so that participants can get the most out of each session. Swim2u is a great option for ladies who want to improve their swimming skills in a comfortable and supportive environment.

As a female attending a swimming lesson with Swin2u, we understand that you learn differently compared to male students. You may also have queries on menstrual cycles, pregnancy, swim patterns, and suitable strokes you can uptake. Our female instructors are here to provide you with the guidance and assurance you need with relevant information about the topics concerning female students.

Start your swimming classes for ladies with us, and we will help you feel confident in the water. Learn how to swim with a female teacher who understands your concerns and works with you to achieve your goals. No matter your age or fitness level, our team is here to help you become a better swimmer.

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Tell us more about your swimming background - The more we know about you, the better we can cater the program of your swimming lessons, and find an appropriate coach that match. We will give you a call or whatsapp message, then we will schedule the swimming lesson after receiving your inquiry. Whatsapp us for a much faster response.

Benefits of Swimming for Ladies

Full Body Workout

When swimming, every muscle in your body is put to work no matter the type of stroke you prefer to use. This will, in turn, help tone all the muscles in your body. If you’re someone who finds workouts in the gym or other forms of cardio strenuous and would like to try something else, swimming every day for at least an hour will make all the difference.

Weight Loss

For women, losing weight can be particularly more difficult than men as women go through larger hormonal changes such as menstrual cycles and pregnancies. Conditions such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) require mind-body exercises that help to reduce stress and burn calories.

According to the American Psychological Association, women admit to having more stress levels than men. Swimming can be a form of meditation where your mind is peaceful and your body receives the exercise it needs, resulting in healthy weight loss.


Swimming is the ultimate exercise for expectant mothers. Not only does it decrease the risks of preterm labour and congenital diseases, but it also aids in relieving stress around the spine that most pregnant women struggle with. The water will do wonders for your body! Looking towards other available swimming courses? Check out all that we offer and choose the one that caters to you the best!

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