7 Common Benefits of Adding Swimming to Your Routine

All around the world, millions of people swim every day. Swimming lessons for kids in Singapore are a popular choice of sport by parents. It is not just a competitive sport, as it can be a form of leisure or exercise for anyone. However, there are multiple benefits of including swimming into your daily or weekly routine, as it does wonders for your body, even as an adult. Here are seven common benefits of swimming regularly:

1. Full Body Workout

It is no surprise that swimming makes use of your entire body. From your head to your toes, your body constantly moves against the water. If you find going to the gym tiring or just not something you are interested in, swimming could be your new go-to! Swimming, unlike other sports that focus on a particular aspect of your body, ensures that almost all your muscles are put to work.

2. Increases Energy Levels

When you are in the water, your focus is on your movement and the act of swimming. It creates the best distraction from the busy lives that you may lead and significantly elevates your stress. Moreover, this promotes a boost in energy levels as it kickstarts your body’s metabolism, which helps pump energy into your mind and body.

3. Burns Calories

The amount of calories you burn depends on the speed and type of stroke you uptake. On average, you can burn up to 528 calories per hour if you are going at a moderate level in the water. The key to burning more calories when swimming is to swim for 50 metres straight, rest for 10 seconds, and repeat five times more. This elevates your heart rate and is deemed a high-intensity workout.

4. Cools You Down

In Singapore’s humid and hot weather, finding a way to cool down can be challenging. Getting into the pool might be the answer if you tend to feel the humidity and need a place to cool down. Despite the presence of air conditioning, it is a whole different experience to get in the water and get refreshed.

5. Gain Flexibility

The range of motion your joints experience while swimming plays hand in hand with flexibility. If you are already flexible, swimming will come easy to you as your speed will be more than most. However, swimming will also aid in flexibility so that you can progress to gain more speed in swimming over time.

6. Swim With Asthma

Compared to other forms of exercise, swimming is more comfortable for asthmatics. The humidity and warmth in and around pools are said to be less provocative as it evokes a response in one’s airway that increases the volume in the lungs and develops a steady breathing technique for asthmatics. Studies have shown a reduction in asthma symptoms and medication needed after they take up swimming.

7. Better Sleep

Due to swimming having the ability to make you physically tired due to its use of your entire body, you will naturally fall asleep faster and easier at night. Elevating your stress from swimming will also ensure a clear and relaxed mind ready to hit the bed when it is time. Swimming is enjoyable as you get to improve and challenge yourself constantly. The bonus to this fun activity is all these benefits you can reap, whether it is your first time swimming or if you’d like to return to it. If you plan on taking swimming lessons to dip your feet into this vast world of possibilities, Swim2u offers swimming lessons for adults in Singapore. We also offer lessons for babies, toddlers, ladies, and many more. Join us now!


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