3 Points to Take Note of Before Swimming for the First Time

If this is your first time stepping into a pool, or you plan to take swimming up to be part of your new routine and are lost as to what to bring for this new journey, fret not, as we have got you covered. Swimming is a relatively different type of exercise than other types, such as lifting weights or running, as the things you need to note before you begin swimming must be thorough. Here are three crucial points to note before you swim for the first time:

1. Essentials to Bring

It’s no surprise that you will need a swimsuit! Choosing the right type that complements how you plan on swimming (type of stroke) is vital. Next, you’d need a swim cap if you have coloured hair or want to protect your hair from the chemicals in pools or salt water from oceans. Despite pools being a safe environment for you to swim in, they contain chlorine which may not be the best for your hair if you swim often. It would be best if you grabbed yourself a pair of goggles to have better visuality in the water and can focus on your form and pace instead of where you are going in the water. Make sure to bring a water bottle to replenish yourself, as swimming can get tiring. If you’re wondering what you can wear to the pool itself, wear flip-flops or sandals so they can easily slip off and on once you are done. You could bring a bathrobe or a towel to wrap yourself in once you’re out of the water, as it can feel pretty chilly the moment you step out.

2. Types of Swim Accessories

If you are a complete beginner and need the guidance of a swimming accessory, here are some options for you to consider. Kickboards are most commonly used for beginners during swimming lessons as it aids you in mastering your kicking technique in the water. The kickboard along your chest wall ensures your consistent balance and floating in the water so you can move your legs easily. If you have a kid to bring for swimming lessons, barbells are commonly used for their balance and confidence in the water. If you are hesitant about getting into the water yourself and learning to swim, it’s best to sign up for a swimming class where you’ll have constant guidance from an instructor with prior experience in teaching newbies. At Swim2u, we offer swimming lessons for kids in Singapore, along with toddlers, adults, ladies, and more!

3. The Right Age to Start

You’re never too young or too old to start swimming. It is essential to know that swimming can be taken up at any age, like most sports. If you have a child you want to enrol in swimming lessons, you can start even before they walk! Babies experience more leeway and comfort in the water with their mobility than on land. Their early start in swimming will ensure their rapid process in other aspects of life, such as cognitive skills. If you are an adult interested in swimming lessons, Swim2u offers classes for you! With our experienced instructors, you and your baby will be in safe hands throughout.


You need not be nervous or hesitant to start swimming, as it is a joyful type of exercise and leisure. If you are looking towards having lessons instead of exploring swimming on your own, Swim2u offers an array of swimming classes for different groups of people. From babies, and toddlers, to swimming lessons for ladies in Singapore, you will gain the most out of this journey ahead of you through multiple benefits. Sign up now!


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