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Swimming Instructor Course & Recruitment Programme

SSI, which stands for Scuba Schools International, is an internationally recognized organization that specializes in scuba diving education and certification. Established in 1970, SSI has grown to become one of the largest scuba training agencies in the world, offering comprehensive diving programs and courses to individuals of all experience levels.

Discover how to become a swimming instructor in Singapore and turn your love for the water into a rewarding career. As a swimming instructor, you will have the opportunity to teach individuals of all ages and skill levels, from beginners to advanced swimmers. Learn about the training and certification requirements needed to become a qualified instructor, including completing recognized swimming instructor courses and obtaining necessary certifications such as lifesaving and first aid. Develop the necessary teaching skills and techniques to effectively instruct and guide students in mastering various swimming strokes, water safety, and overall aquatic skills. Becoming a swimming instructor not only allows you to share your passion for swimming but also empowers you to make a positive impact on others' lives by helping them build confidence and enjoy the water safely.

Job Assignments

Swim School will provide the job assignment after you completed the swimming coach training. The coach has flexibility to choose the assignments.

Flexible hours

Teaching swimming is usually a casual job which means that you aren’t bound to any permanent hours. This will allow you to have the flexibility which can be particularly helpful if you want to keep in touch with your family or friends, or you need to work your timetable around other commitments.

Working with kids

If you enjoy working with children then this is definitely the job for you, children are honest, creative, and are full of energy. They will keep you on your toes and more often than not be quite knowledgeable.

Jobs satisfaction

There’s nothing more satisfying than teaching a child and being able to watch them develop over time, not only with their swimming ability but also as a person. Being a swimming teacher gives you countless opportunities to make an impact on a child life, easily making this of the most rewarding jobs around.

Course Modules

Level 1 Swim Teacher

Level 1 Swim Teachers are able to apply the best techniques and goals for the youngest of swimmers.

Comfort via repetition is key for training the swim teacher and this is achieved through home study programs, classroom instruction, multimedia presentations and in-water training.

Level 2 Swim Teacher

The Level 2 Swim Teacher moves onto more advanced training techniques, which focus on fine-tuning techniques and efficiency in the water. More competitive elements are introduced via competitive backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.

Baby Swim Teacher

When dealing with children in the water, additional constraints and techniques are required. The Baby & Me certification is designed to help teachers deal with our youngest swimmers between 6 months and 2 years old. Education on this course is also geared towards the parents to help them understand the issues being faced. ​Parent or guardian supervision is required when teaching these courses.

Adults Swim Teacher

​Encourage the development of students' confidence in the water by providing a wide variety of activities in the safe environment

React Right

The SSI React Right approach is designed to help first aid providers control an emergency situation and deliver first aid until emergency medical personal take over. This incorporates all the information an SSI React Right Provider need to appropriately respond to an emergency comfortably, competently and successfully

Our Accreditation

SSI Swim Center

SSI Certified Swim Center

SME 500 Awarded by Singapore

SME 500 Awarded by Singapore


Entrepreneur 100 Awarded by Singapore

NROC Coach Certified by Sport SG

Certified Austswim Teachers

Swimming Teachers Association (UK)

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Bundled Promotion - Swim Teacher Level 1 + Level 2 + React Right

Normally $1500

$1200 . 00

Total 3 sessions

Upon the completion of 180 coaching hours, the course fees will be refunded
  • ​First Session - Teacher Level 1 (Classroom)

    Introduction to swimming fundamental and swimming strokes.
    Guidance to prepare lesson plan, breakdown into the time and activities.
    General technique to teach kids and adults on how to swim
    Brush up on your swimming stroke mechanics
    Effective Communication with Parents and Students.
  • Second Session - Teacher Level 2 (Classroom)

    Focuses on refining and teaching advanced swimming strokes, such as efficient freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. Emphasis is placed on stroke analysis, correction techniques, and enhancing overall swim performance.
  • Third Session - Pool Session + React Right

    Practical Session - Trainer to guide the coach on step by step coaching method.

    Upon completion of the course, you will obtained 3 certifications.

Swim Teacher Level 1

$600 . 00

Total 2 sessions

  • The SSI Swimming Teacher Level 1 course is designed to provide aspiring swimming instructors with the essential knowledge and skills needed to teach swimming lessons confidently and effectively. The course covers topics such as swim instruction techniques, water safety and risk management, teaching fundamental skills, lesson planning and progression, communication and classroom management, assessment and evaluation, water safety and emergency response, and professionalism and ethics. By completing this course, participants gain the necessary foundation to teach swimming to beginners and individuals with basic swimming abilities while promoting water safety and maintaining a positive learning environment.

Swim Teacher Level 2

$700 . 00

Total 2 sessions

  • The SSI Swimming Teacher Level 2 course is designed for experienced swimming instructors aiming to enhance their teaching skills and expand their knowledge in advanced swimming techniques. This course builds upon the foundation established in the Level 1 certification, focusing on advanced teaching methodologies, stroke techniques, skill progressions, lesson planning, water safety and rescue, teaching special populations, developing competitive swimming skills, professional development, and business skills. Successful completion of the Level 2 course equips instructors with an advanced level of expertise, allowing them to deliver high-quality lessons, refine stroke techniques, and promote water safety while preparing them for leadership roles within swimming programs and organizations.

Baby Swim Teacher

$700 . 00

Total 2 sessions

  • The SSI Swimming Teacher Baby course is specifically designed for swimming instructors who want to specialize in teaching infants and toddlers. This course provides instructors with the necessary knowledge and skills to create a safe and engaging environment for babies in the water. The course covers topics such as water introduction techniques, parent and baby bonding, water safety for infants, basic swim skills for babies, songs and games for water familiarization, and creating a positive and nurturing atmosphere. By completing this course, instructors gain the expertise to guide parents and their babies through early water experiences, fostering water confidence and introducing foundational swim skills in a developmentally appropriate and enjoyable manner.

Adult Swim Teacher

$700 . 00

Total 2 sessions

  • The SSI Swimming Teacher Adult course is specifically designed for swimming instructors who specialize in teaching adults. This course focuses on the unique needs and challenges of adult learners in swimming. The course covers topics such as assessing adult swimming abilities, designing lesson plans tailored to adult learners, addressing common fears and concerns, teaching stroke techniques and efficiency, building water confidence, and promoting fitness and wellness through swimming. Instructors will learn effective teaching methodologies and strategies to engage and motivate adult learners, create a supportive and inclusive learning environment, and provide personalized instruction to meet the individual needs of adult swimmers. Successful completion of this course equips instructors with the skills to help adults of all skill levels develop swimming proficiency, overcome obstacles, and enjoy the numerous benefits of swimming for health and well-being.

React Right

$200 . 00

Total 1 session

  • The SSI React Right course is a comprehensive first aid and CPR certification program that equips participants with the knowledge and skills to respond effectively in emergency situations. This course covers topics such as primary and secondary assessments, CPR techniques for adults, children, and infants, rescue breathing, basic first aid procedures, injury and illness assessment, bandaging and splinting techniques, and emergency scene management. Participants will learn how to assess and prioritize care, perform life-saving techniques, and provide immediate assistance until professional medical help arrives. Completion of the React Right course ensures that participants are prepared to respond promptly and confidently in emergency situations, making a positive difference in the outcome of an incident.

Upon completion of the course

Obtained a recognized certification as a Swim Teacher

You will obtain an internationally recognized certification as a Swim Teacher from Scuba Schools International (SSI). It serves as proof of your certification and allows you to demonstrate your credentials as a qualified swimming instructor.

Access to SSI Resources

As an SSI-certified Swim Teacher, you will gain access to a wealth of resources provided by SSI. These resources may include educational materials, teaching aids, online platforms, and support from the SSI community of instructors.

Issue certificates to children who have completed their swimming lessons

SSI Swim Teacher enables you to issue the following certificates to children who have completed their swimming lessons.


SSI Baby Swim 1
SSI Baby Swim 2
SSI Aquatike I
SSI Aquatike II
SSI Aquatike III
SSI Preschool I
SSI Preschool II
SSI Beginner I
SSI Beginner II

Career Opportunities

The Swim Teacher certification opens up various career opportunities in the field of swimming instruction. You may pursue employment in swim schools, community centers, resorts, or even start your own swimming instruction business.

swim coach jobs

​Swimming lesson assignments upon completion of Course

  • Swim school will assign client(s) to the coach who completed the course and attachments. Coach has flexibility to select the assignments.

  • The coach can accept or negotiate on the class's schedule or venue.

  • The coach will need to conduct the lesson at client's private housing pool or we will send the client to coach's venue (If the coach live in a condo with a pool).

  • The coach will be paid base on the number of lessons completed by end of the month.
  • Upon completion of 180 coaching hours, the coach will be reimbursed the full course fees of $1,200.
  • The coach will receive payment at the standard coach rate for the coaching hour done, at the rate of $35 (for 30 /45 mins lesson)
  • We will review and revise the rate after completed the 180 training hours depending on the coach performance.

Payment Method

The modes of payment available are: bank transfer, paynow or paylah.​

For payment by paynow or paylah, you may transfer to UEN: 53417313J

Payee name: Swim2u

For payment by bank transfer, you may refer below for the bank account information.

Bank Name : DBS Singapore

Account No. : 005-6-086645​

Bank Name : Maybank Singapore

Account No. : 040-210-79873

Payee name: Swim2u

All payment made are strictly non-refundable or transferable.

Prerequisite Checklist for Individuals Interested in the Swimming Instructor Course

Minimum age: 18 years old or above

Good swimming skills and be proficient in at least two swimming strokes (breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke or butterfly)

Need to be able to communicate clearly and effectively with swimmers.

Course Registration

You can submit the form below prior to making the payment. Please keep in mind that the schedule is subject to possible changes.
Please choose the dates for the courses in the following sequence: Teacher Level 1 & 2 (Classroom), followed by Teacher Level 1 & 2 (Pool), and finally React Right.
Please choose the dates for the courses in the following sequence: Teacher Level 1 & 2 (Classroom), followed by Teacher Level 1 & 2 (Pool), and finally React Right.
Please choose the dates for the courses in the following sequence: Teacher Level 1 & 2 (Classroom), followed by Teacher Level 1 & 2 (Pool), and finally React Right.

Please note that the participant will have to pay the one time registration for the Swim Teacher 1 & 2 digital kits ($180) and React Right digital kits ($50) after completed the final assessments. It is important to note that these fees are not included in the $1200 course fees.

The course and assessment must be finished within one year of the date of payment.

All payment made are strictly non-refundable or transferable.

Whatsapp 88058716 for further enquiry!