Ultimate Guide: Swimming for Ladies – Benefits and Tips

Unlike others, women’s bodies function differently and require a particular focus. As each body is different, you must experiment with different workouts to see which works best for you. This can be about getting fit, staying healthy, or adding a sport to your daily routine. If you’re a woman struggling with figuring out what to uptake, here are the benefits and tips of swimming for ladies:

1. Weight Loss

As mentioned earlier, finding the right type of exercise for women is challenging as many things might not work for them. However, swimming is proven to have the most significant number of benefits for women. One huge factor would be losing weight! Swimming is an efficient way to burn many calories, as you can burn up to 400 if you swim for just one hour. It is also a low-impact exercise, which means that despite keeping your heart rate up, it’ll have minimum stress on your body. For women, conditions such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) require mind-body exercises compared to going to the gym. Therefore, swimming is an excellent option for women with such conditions or who have difficulty losing weight. You may even opt for swimming classes for ladies only to begin this weight loss journey!

2. Drift Off Quickly

There is a strong correlation between sleep and exercise. When you swim, endorphins are released, ensuring that your anxiety or any form of stress in your life is kept at bay. This leads to better sleep as your mind is not battling your anxiety and keeping you up at night. Moreover, like any other exercise, swimming is tiring and will work your entire body during each session. Exhaustion usually takes its toll and will let you fall asleep faster than usual.

3. Full Body Workout

As swimming works every muscle on your body regardless of the type of stroke, you use to swim. This tones all the muscles in your body and aids with burning calories. If you dislike working out in the gym or exercises that are heavy on cardio, you might find swimming more appealing due to its low impact.

4. Pregnancy-Safe

Due to the water’s buoyancy, you and your baby will have the support of the flowing water. Moreover, a common symptom of pregnancies is swollen ankles and feet. Through swimming, it can help to reduce such swelling and give you relief. Research also shows that if you swim during pregnancy, you have a lower risk of congenital defects and preterm labour. Though such research and facts are proven accurate, it’s always best to check with your doctor whether you’re cleared to swim before you do!

5. Aids With Depression

Not only do women admit to rising levels of stress more than men, according to the American Psychological Association, but women are twice more likely to suffer from depression compared to men. This statistic is a concerning one, which proves that women need to participate in activities that ensure their mental health is good. When you swim, endorphins are released, which leads to you feeling good overall, keeping depression far away from you.


Swimming for ladies is much different from others, and you may reap various benefits. If you’re struggling to find the right place to start, Swim2u is here to guide you. With swimming lessons for children, adults, toddlers and more, we will lead you down the right path towards your body attaining what it needs, as there are multiple common benefits of adding swimming to your routine. With our skilful female instructors, we will give you the assurance you require with relevant information about the topics concerning female students.


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