Top 3 Swimming Equipment to Help You in Your Journey

If you’re about to go into the water and feel safer having equipment, we’ve got you covered. You need the right swimming equipment if you plan to test the waters yourself before getting to private swimming classes. In the world of swimming, there are countless of equipment that may seem confusing to many as you might not know their individual purposes and how they can help you in the water. Here are three popular pieces of swimming equipment you might need and how they can benefit your swimming routine:

1. Swim Cap

A swimming pool has many chemicals that aren’t good for your hair. Frequent swimmers often describe their hair as ‘straw-like’. This description is an unavoidable result of swimming often as your hair contacts the water. To prevent this, you can wear a swim cap to protect your hair from these harsh chemicals. Contrary to belief, your hair does not stay completely dry under the swim cap. Your hair will get slightly wet depending on the type of swim cap you buy, but it’s better than swimming with loose hair! This choice is because those with long hair might struggle with it coming into contact with their face while swimming. Moreover, it prevents drag, as your hair gets heavier and slows you down with water. With a swim cap, you can swim faster.

2. Goggles

This equipment should not come as a surprise, as goggles are essential for swimming! Similar to protecting your hair, goggles protect your eyes from the same chlorine, which might irritate or damage your eyes. Goggles also ensure that you have clear visibility underwater. This visibility is vital when you swim, as you can safely increase your speed and are aware of your surroundings. As this is a very mobile sport, seeing clearly is an advantage that will give you the confidence to perform well in the water. Moreover, goggles will motivate you to keep going as getting water in your eyes and not being able to see clearly will lead to frustration and you wanting to get out of the water quickly. Therefore, getting a good pair of goggles that ideally fits your face is the right choice!

3. Kickboard

Kickboards ensure your balance in the water so you can kick your legs easily. It’s common to see kickboards being used when looking at swimming lessons for 2 year olds or above. This use is because kickboards are the perfect equipment to use as a beginner to help you stay afloat in the water. This will also help you to prevent swim injuries in the pool. As the name suggests, it lets you focus on getting your legs comfortable in the water with kicking so that your strokes are done well.


Swimming is enjoyed by many and is a sport that everyone should try! You do not need to stress about getting all the proper equipment before you start swimming, as you will figure it all out slowly. You could start by getting the essentials mentioned above and seeing what else works for you as you progress in your swimming journey. If you’d like extra guidance in this journey, join Swim2u as we offer swimming lessons for children, ladies, and more!


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