How to Effectively Stop Swimming Goggles From Fogging Up

Goggles are a staple in every swimmer’s life. It is crucial to ensure proper vision, have special awareness around them in the pool and improve their experience. This importance is because, when you don’t use goggles, the water getting into your eyes can cause irritation and frustrate you immensely. Eventually, it will lead to your loss of motivation and leaving the pool early. Therefore, whether you’re purchasing the right pair for your kid who is in private swimming lessons for children in Singapore or you simply want to get into the pool, it is vital to use a pair of goggles for the best swimming experience.

However, a common problem with using goggles is that they tend to fog up. This fog is due to the warm air around your face, which comes into contact with the cool air from the water. With this interaction, the lens of the goggles fog as the water evaporates from your skin and turns into water vapour on the lens. If you deal with this regularly or would like to prevent it from the get-go, here are three tips on how to stop your goggles from fogging up:

1. Staying Cool

When you start swimming in the water, your body temperature naturally rises while the pool water remains cool. The sweat you produce while swimming, combined with the temperature change your body causes, leads to your goggles fogging up. To prevent this, all you have to do is to wet your face and goggled in the pool water before putting them on your face and getting into the water. Moreover, you could drink cold water or cold sports drinks to keep your body temperature at a minimum.

2. Anti-fog Tricks

Those who frequent the pool will find these solutions somewhat familiar, as swimmers who wear goggles often know the little tricks they enforce to ensure that their goggles don’t fog up. One of which is using baby shampoo! You must gently rub the shampoo onto the goggles’ lenses and leave it to dry for 10 minutes. Rinse them out after, and put them on. You can use any type of shampoo, but baby shampoo is gentler on the eyes as it does not contain as many chemicals. Some even use shaving cream, conditioner, or even toothpaste!

3. Anti-fog Spray

One of the more straightforward solutions is investing in anti-fog spray or wipes. They are effective in clearing the fog and will create a quick clearance for you to use them as long as you make sure not to touch the lenses with your hands and keep them as clean as possible.


Underwater visibility is vital for efficient swimming. With your goggles as a critical factor in your swimming experience, it is crucial to ensure they work well. If you are planning on taking up private swimming classes or would like to get into the pool and take things slow, there are essential points to take note of before swimming. Swim2u offers swimming lessons for babies, special needs kids, adults, and more. Join us now and start your aquatic journey with us!


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