How Can Swimming Benefit Your Kids and Their Daily Life?

Did you know that babies can swim before they can even walk? The water gives them mobility and freedom that they might not experience outside of the water. The flow of the water aids their ability to move around, and an early introduction to pools will ensure that they do not fear water when they’re older. Swimming lessons for kids in Singapore enable multiple children to experience the benefits of being in the water from an early age. Here are five benefits to kids swimming:

1. Improves Appetite

When you have spent the whole day at the beach or sea, you realise you tend to feel hungry and would want to munch on something right after. Similarly, after being in the pool, children will feel naturally hungry. Their body’s exertion from swimming and their body’s work on keeping them warm in the water burns more calories than we realise. This leads to an improved appetite as kids want to eat after swimming!

2. Better Sleep Patterns

After exerting sports or activities, our bodies naturally tire out, and we are in dire need of a nap. This is caused by the amount of energy used during our activities, which makes us sleepy. Babies have the same effect after they swim, as their body uses up lots of energy to keep them warm, and all that kicking and gliding around will tire their little bodies out. Therefore, they become sleepier after each swim session, leading them to a good sleep pattern where parents no longer worry about putting them to bed during their nap times.

3. Cognitive Skills

Swimming is a bilateral exercise where we use all our limbs in unison to contract our muscles and move around in the water. Bilateral movements facilitate communication between the two sides of your brain. This leads to better language development, reading, and overall academic learning for kids’ upcoming years in school. The younger they begin swimming lessons, the better they will retain information at school and pick up visual-motor skills. They will even have a better acquisition of skills.

4. Bond Between Parent and Child

The best part about swimming is that it can be a bonding activity for you and your kid. Not only does this cultivate a bond between you two, but it calms your baby down to be around you in the pool first and lets them focus on being excited to swim! It is an activity that your entire family can participate in and enjoy.

5. Increases Confidence

Swimming lessons include multiple forms of learning for kids, such as songs, playing with other children and functioning in groups. This enables their confidence to grow as they openly interact with other kids and try new things in the water. Their independence grows, leading to their overall boost in confidence for other aspects of their life, such as in school or self-esteem. Swimming benefits children differently than adults, as learning it from a young age stimulates their growth and benefits them in their daily life. Apart from enrolling your kids in swimming, Swim2u also offers swimming lessons for adults in Singapore! Join us today if you’d like to begin this swimming journey with your kid! If this is your first time swimming, take note of all precautions and items to prepare so that you’re ready for your aquatic experience.


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