5 Crucial Land Activities to Becoming a Better Swimmer

If you’re planning on swimming but are afraid of your body being unable to cope, fret not, as we’ve got you covered! Whether you’re a first-time swimmer or you’re heading back to the water after a long time out from your private swimming class, there are many activities you can do outside the pool to get yourself ready. Moreover, if you just do not have the time or opportunity to head to the pool regularly, you can try these activities to better equip your body for when you do have the chance to get in the water! Here are five activities for better swimming:

1. Weight training

To gain overall strength, which will inevitably result in better swimming, is resistance training. Do a few reps of pull-ups, lunges, squats and other types of compound exercises for you to get your entire body into momentum. You need not build tons of muscle for better swimming. All you need is a well-conditioned body that can last you in the water!

2. Core Strength

You must have the sufficient core strength to help you power through the water. A strong core is key to improving your speed and technique. This factor differs from land sports as those participating in land sports can use the ground to generate force. In the water, you need your core to give you the fore you need to propel forward and maintain balance.

3. Increased Flexibility

With stretched muscles, the fibres in your body lengthen, and you create more force. Increased flexibility ensures that you are more fluid in the pool, as swimming involves lots of motion. With flexibility training, this range of motion will significantly increase, and your movement will be much smoother in the water, leading to an inevitable increase in speed over time. You can take up yoga, stretching, or foam rolling to increase flexibility and mobility.

4. Better Nutrition

Similar to many other forms of exercise, what you put in your body is crucial. Therefore, pick your snacks wisely! Ensure not to consume heavy meals before swimming as they might not sit well with your stomach during the sport. Pre-swim snacks such as oats, fruits, bread, muffins, etc., are light enough for your gut. Eating healthy is not necessarily the key to eating well. You need to ensure that your body is receiving the right amount of nutrition it needs.

5. Rest and Recover

Your body needs its rest, and you need to prioritise that. Although this is not what many would expect, rest is essential for improving your swimming. Nap for an hour or two, cool down after exercise, or just take a day off! It’s common to have consistency in exercising and seeing the benefits of it. However, consistency in rest should also be factored into leading a healthy lifestyle. Make recovery a habit, and you will see the immense difference with both rest and exercise as part of your routine.


The key to better swimming is not just in the pool, as there are many activities to uptake, like the ones listed above. Swim2u provides swimming classes for ladies only if you ladies intend to start your aquatic journey with us. With multiple benefits for ladies to swim, this will be the place to start! You can adopt the above activities to get a head start with your swimming or join us directly. Contact us today and join our class now!


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