4 Tips to Get Back Into Swimming After a Long Break

Have you been out of the water too long? Are you aching to get back in and get swimming back into your routine? Be it a casual activity you love to do or a serious sport you uptake, swimming is a sport for all. Some take up private swimming lessons for adults in Singapore to have a consistent swimming routine and learn new things. If you already have extensive knowledge about swimming and want to get back to it yourself, there are several points to take note of before swimming. Whether you’ve been out of the pool for a long time due to medical reasons or not having enough time and are planning on getting back to it, here are some tips you can adopt before you do!

1. Take It Slow

You may have been an active swimmer at one point in your life. However, like any other sport, getting straight back into it with the momentum you used to have is a recipe for disaster. Your body needs time to adjust to swimming back into your routine. Therefore, take it slow, set realistic expectations and listen closely to your body. If you feel tired just after a few laps, stop and rest and go back at it again.

2. Technique

Even though certain activities come as muscle memory to many, your body might not remember the speed and capacity it used to have. Take this time to master your technique in the water and focus on your form. Whether you swim breaststroke, butterfly, freestyle or any other, focus on your movement in the water with it and master your swimming technique before focusing on the cardio aspect.

3. Be Consistent

Consistency is the golden key to many achievements in life. It is no surprise that consistency is one of the critical factors in getting back to your full form in swimming. Swimming with a strict routine will go a long way in you discovering your form again and quickly gaining your stamina. Though it’s challenging to find the time to swim with busy schedules, it is vital to try and make time for it regardless.

4. Well-Balanced Diet

It’s essential to ensure that you have eaten well and are going to swim with a good diet. As you swim, it takes up a lot of energy, and food is your top fuel. Stay away from fast food or unhealthy options as they’ll make you lethargic and aren’t the best for your overall health. Consider healthy options that work best for your body and eat up before heading to the pool.


Having the right motivation to get back into swimming is vital. You can do this by buying yourself a new swimsuit or even getting a friend to tag along so you have a partner on this journey. Pick what caters to you best, and start your swimming journey today. If you plan on going for lessons instead to learn something new or polish up your form, as it has been way too long, Swim2u has suitable lessons for you. If you have a kid that you’d like to enrol in classes, we have private swimming lessons for children in Singapore. You will be equipped with the best swim instructors to guide you in this journey. Join us now!


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