3 Tips You Can Adopt to Overcome Your Fear of Swimming

Does the thought of swimming make you feel anxious and afraid to continue thinking about it? Does seeing a body of water and needing to get in instil fear in you? If you relate to such experiences, your fear of swimming is a prominent aspect of your lifestyle and a common phobia.

A traumatic event experienced in the past is one of the most common reasons one could have a phobia of water. If you have had a near-drowning experience, a phobia such as this is quick to form. Other causes are a series of bad experiences in the water, such as being on a ship or boat that made you feel fear.

With the professional experience of our instructors, you will receive the assurance you need to begin swimming. We provide swimming lessons for adults in Singapore that are catered to your specific needs, such as learners with existing medical conditions, or aquaphobia – the fear of water or swimming, so that everyone has a chance to learn swimming. It is best to have guidance when you’re feeling fearful at the beginning stages.

Sometimes, hearing others talk about their fear of water will also make you fearful of what might occur to you, which snowballs into a phobia. Though the water might seem scary that you wouldn’t want to get in now, with the following tips, you can slowly start your journey to step out of this fear.

With time and persistence, you will be able to experience the joy of pools and swimming. Here are 3 tips you can adopt to over your fear of swimming.

1. Get Used to the Water

Sit by the pool and let your feet dangle in the water. Glide them around and let yourself feel the flow of the water against your feet and ankles. Slowly, do the same with your hands and move them around in the water. Cup some water in your palms and pour it on your body or face to let yourself feel what the water is like. Most pools have ladders which you can use to your advantage. After this exercise with the water, proceed to the ladder and slowly enter the pool. The key here is to take deep breaths and focus on the water on your skin and how you are doing good. Once you’ve made it to the shallow end, stand there for a few minutes and just glide your arms around in the water. When you feel comfortable enough, proceed to take a few steps and walk around the pool.

2. Understanding Water

It’s important to understand that water cannot get into your nose and mouth as long as you consistently blow out air. The feeling of water rushing up your nose might make you feel more anxious and troubled in your beginning stages, so it’s always best to practice blowing out the water first. Let’s start with bubbles! While holding onto the nearest wall, crouch, so the water is at your mouth and start blowing bubbles out evenly from your mouth and nose. This doesn’t just aid in ensuring you’re ready to be underwater but also calms you down as you’re breathing consistently.

3. Back Float

Though you are wearing goggles and can see clearly in the water, having your head submerged may be a fearful concept to you at first. To begin your swimming journey, you can first learn how to float on your back. This will assure you that our bodies are made to float naturally on the water with minimal effort. You will be facing up, looking at the clear sky, while your body will float on the water, showing you that there is nothing to be afraid of.


These tips are to be followed slowly and at your own pace. Despite a long way to go, following these tips already means you’ve come a long way in overcoming your fear. Though there are many tips to take note of before swimming for the first time, the best way to get used to the water is to have someone experienced with you, be it a loved one or a swimming instructor. It is always good to have constant guidance and assurance to get you through this.

We also offer swimming lessons for toddlers in Singapore if you plan to have your kid in swimming lessons to have them love the water from a young age. Sign up now!


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